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New Yorker Cartoonist Roz Chast’s Remarkable Illustrated Meditation on Aging, Illness, and Death | Brain Pickings

"Old age didn’t change their basic personalities. If anything, it intensified what was already there."

The most touching, amazing, and spot on depiction of looking after elderly parents.

By promoting longevity and technologically inhibiting death we have created a new biological status – a no-exit state that persists longer and longer, one that is nearly as remote from life as death, but which, unlike death, requires vast service – indentured servitude, really – and resources

- Let my mother goMichael Wolff on why our culture’s obsession with longevity is making old age a living hell (via bustr)
I have my own sad story about aging parents…suffice it to say my husband and I have clearly spelled out instructions to our doctors.

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